Feb. 19, 2021
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Kist Livestock Mandan, ND

140 Bulls, 50 Bred Heifers
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Welcome cattlemen to Dakota Xpress’s web site.  Dakota Xpress is the combined ranches of Mandan Lake Simmental of Center, ND  and Hansen Simmental Ranch of Ryder, ND.  Both family run ranches are independently owned and operated as separate entities of each other.  Mandan Lake Simmental consists of Wade and Merri Staigle and their three sons Daniel and his wife Amber and Ethan and Logan.  Hansen Simmental Ranch consists of Kevin and Cody Hansen, and their two children Wyatt and Hadlie.

The two ranches have like minded interests in producing high quality Simmental and SimAngus cattle that will thrive in many different environments.  Our commitment to producing the very best cattle possible goes well beyond the sale.  We have a complete Customer Service program that insures your satisfaction of the quality seed stock you purchase from Dakota Xpress.

Both Staigle and Hansen ranches were started by their parents and grandparents so the land they ranch on has been in the family for generations.  Our commitment is to produce sustainable livestock systems that will endure for generations down the road.  The goal formulated on our ranches is to pass that legacy on to our children and the families to follow.  The life of ranching in North Dakota takes many hours of planning and a constant attention to detail and organization.  The ranch work is never quite complete as there is always something that needs attention.  But it is a lifestyle and work ethic that we truly feel we are blessed to be involved in on a daily bases and take great pride in providing a quality seed stock product.

The bulls we develop are grown out to show the ability of the cattle to grow while carefully monitoring the soundness and longevity.  A homegrown ration is used in the development process utilizing oats, corn, corn silage, corn distillers, and mixed hay.  The ration we use has been used for years with the utmost success on the fertility and soundness of the bulls.  You can buy with confidence that bulls sold through Dakota Xpress will work and a guarantee that we stand behind the cattle.

Dakota Xpress uses the latest technology available and couples that with a common sense approach when it comes to selection of breeding cattle.  We incorporate high accuracy sires used artificially and natural service sires that are selected from productive cow families that have a history of producing cattle that meet our criteria.  We also utilize DNA testing and ultra sound for carcass and pregnancy to advance our herd’s genetic advantages quicker with less fluctuation from the desired goals we have in place.  Reproductive efficiency is vitally important we demand cows that raise calves annually.  Our selection is for longevity in the cows retained on our ranches this in turn is passed on in the genetically superior bulls we offer for sale each year.  All performance testing and EPD’s are calculated by the American Simmental Association.   Utilizing the Total Herd Enrollment or THE each cow’s production is tracked annually.

The combined ranches work with 625 registered cows that will annually produce 130 to 150 bulls and 50 bred females for sale at our annual production sale held the 3rd Friday, in February.  The Staigle Ranch also calf 400 SimAngus commercial cows. As well as develop and market 225 replacement heifers made up of commercial and registered heifers. These heifers are marketed both private treaty and at the annual production sale.  The mission of our ranches is to produce functional cattle that have unassisted calving, rapid growth to weaning and yearling, and possess a high quality carcass with marbling and rib eye.  Other traits that we are equally interested in are the maternal aspect of the cow/calf operation.  Cows need to calf on their own have the maternal instinct to mother the calf and raise a rapid gaining calf to weaning.  The cow needs to do all this on a grass diet in the summer months and a high roughage ration in the winter months with little or no additional supplement.  She also is expected to breed back annually producing a calf that has those trouble free attributes bred into the genetic package.  So, when you purchase genetics from Dakota Xpress you can rest assured many generations of environmental challenges and genetic selection have been bred into the bull or heifer you select.

We feel privileged to work together as two separate ranches with like mined family values, and philosophies when raising cattle and kids.  You are always welcome to visit the ranches. Thank you to the many past customers we look forward to visiting with you this sale season. 

TJ Power Grid 363Y   TNGL A Mile Above A530
BD: 2/14/2014
Sire: SAV Net Worth 4200
Dam: TJ 15T
ASA: 2630928
1/2 SM 1/2 AN
  BD: 1/5/2013
Sire: JF Milestone 999W
Dam: Silverstone LPC Miss Awe
ASA: 2752557
TJ Power Grid is a true herd sire in the sense that he has jumped through all the hoops. He has the solid EPD profile needed in a herd sire combined with cattle that perform along with improving carcass traits for marbling and rib eyes. He also sires cattle that feed extremely well with a high rate of gain on test. The added benifit of Power Grid is that the cattle have a big open rib with structural soundness on the feet and legs. Semen is available through Allied Genetics or Owners.   TNGL A Mile Above was purchased through the National Western Sale from Tingle Farms. We evaluated the bull as an individual that was extremely long sided and very sound footed. He also had the big wide top and sweeping rib shape desired in our northern climate. The productivity of the cow family behind him solidified the purchase of this young herd sire. First calves will be born this coming spring with more information available at that time. Semen is available through Owners.
BDV Doc Holiday 170B   TNT Whiskey River B298
BD: 9/18/2014
ASA: 3033473
  BD: 3/21/2014
ASA: 2902185 
5/8 SM 3/8 AR

Wade Staigle
(701) 794-3351
(701) 226-6464
Kevin Hansen
(701) 758-2571 (h)
(701) 720-6551 (c)

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