Welcome to the Dakota Xpress website. Prior to 2005, the bulls and females were individually marketed by each ranch, we have since merged to form the Dakota Xpress annual bull and female sale. Dakota Xpress consists of two ranches. Mandan Lake Simmental Ranch of Center, ND and Hansen Simmental Ranch of Ryder, ND, with the first sale being the spring of 2005.

The ranches have a combined number of 600 registered cows that annually produce 125-140 bulls, showing our strict culling process of approximately 50% of our top genetics, and 50 bred heifers for our annual production sale, which is held the 3rd Friday in February each year in west central North Dakota. Along with this, the Staigle boys (Daniel and Ethan families) lease an adjoining ranch and stock it with over 500 Simm-Angus commercial cows enabling a complete understanding of the needs associated with running a productive set of commercial cows.

Mandan Lake Ranch consists of Wade and Merri Staigle, and son’s Daniel and wife Amber, and sons Laramie and Conley, Ethan and wife Alysia and daughter’s Kennedy and Hensley and Logan and wife Keylee.

Hansen Simmental Ranch consists of Kevin and Liz Hansen their family is Wyatt (Sarah) Hansen, Hadlie (Jordan) Eskew, Nathan (Courtney) Washek, Lexie and Morgan Kroeger and 10 grandchildren Ellie, Cooper, Norah, Mick, Landry, Payce, Jax, Ruby, Slade, and Wrye.

Our Mission

To produce a high quality seedstock that will calve unassisted, grow quickly from birth to yearling, produce a quality carcass, and leave a maternal female.

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